Duo Wela consists of Sven Larsson, didgeridoo and bass trombone, and Cecilia Wennerström, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone and alto flute. Our first concert was at the free jazz music festival Vårflod in Stockholm in 2000.

Next event for us was The Worlds Smallest Jazz Festival in Enskede, Stockholm in August 2002, although this festival wasn't very small, its audience was about 5000 people in two days.

In May 2006 we were engaged to play as a part of the big event Sweden:Upgrade 2006, which is the name of the Swedish Year in Russia 2006. We did a concert in Kazan and then went on Volga by boat to play in Cheboksary. Especially the didgeridoo part was much appreciated by the Russian listeners.

Over the years we have often played at art shows and at friends events. Below we play at the birthday party of painting artist Margareta Petré, February 2013.


In september 2015 we will play at Nora Bryggeri together with the duo Rota. The concert is part of Ljusstråk which is a cultural 2-days event in the county Bergslagen.



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Sven at Country Club in Cheboksary.

Cecilia at Country Club in Cheboksary.

We are playing for the Swedish ambassador
and the Chuvashian president.

All Cheboksary photos © Svenska Institutet

We enter the boat on the cruise on Volga after having visited an island with an exciting old church.