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Check out Cecilia's fantasy story Deal! about the horrible fate of two trombone players at Twilight Times Ezine

Fun! Click here to listen to Sven's bass trombone playing F, C, Bb in four octaves ending with triple pedal Bb.

For wind musicians:  Download Sven's article (pdf) about breathing wela records
Welcome to WELA the musician homepage of Cecilia Wennerström & Sven Larsson
Cecilia Wennerström New Quartet plays at Donne in Jazz 2014 in Frascati, Rome, Italy

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 Cecilia´s calendar    

                 Photo © Ulla Andesong 2013                           

Below: Cecilia in Salamander at Jazzfest Berlin 1981


Sven´s calendar    

Photo © Mats Lindgren 2008

Below: Sven in Ellman Larsson Constellation at Fagersta JC 2010


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